Data Center Virtualization Development Timeline


Amazing !!

Virtual Development Amazing short list note from Data Center Virtualization Fundamental Book.

Virtualization is continuing grow up !

1957: Time sharing (University of Stanford).

 1962: Virtual memory (University of Manchester).

 1972: Virtual machine (IBM).

 1984: Virtual LocalArea Networks (Bellcore).

 1987: Redundant Array of Independent Disks (University of California, Berkeley).

 1994: EtherChannel (Kalpana).

 1996: Virtual Routing and Forwarding (Cisco), logical unit number (Shugart Associates).

 1997: Virtual Tape Library (IBM), LAN Emulation over Asynchronous Transfer
Mode (Bay Networks and Madge Networks).

 1998: Hot Standby Router Protocol (Cisco).

 1999: x86 Virtualization (VMware).

 2001: Storage Virtualization (DataCore) and VMware ESX (VMware).

 2003: Firewall Virtual Contexts (Cisco), Virtual SAN (Cisco),
XEN (University  of Cambridge), and vMotion (VMware).

 2004: Microsoft Virtual Server (Microsoft).

 2005: MetroCluster (NetApp), SAN Volume Controller (IBM), and Invista (EMC).

 2006: Server Load Balancer Virtual Context (Cisco), N_Port Identifier Virtualization (Emulex, IBM, McData), Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon).

 2007: Virtual Switching System (Cisco), KVM (open source).

 2008: Fibre Channel over Ethernet (Cisco, Emulex, QLogic), Virtual Device Context (Cisco), Hyper-V (Microsoft)

 2009: vSphere Virtual Infrastructure (VMware), Virtual PortChannel (Cisco), Fabric Extender (Cisco), Unified Computing System (UCS) service profile, Distributed Virtual Switch (VMware).

 2010: Overlay Transport Virtualization (Cisco), Virtual Machine Fabric Extender (Cisco), VPLEX (EMC), Open vSwitch (open source), FabricPath (Cisco), vCloud Director (VMware), OpenStack (Rackspace and NASA).

 2011: Virtual Network Data Path (Cisco), Virtual eXtensible Local Area Network (VMware, Cisco, Red Hat, Citrix, and others), OpenFlow (Open Networking Foundation), Cisco Intelligent Automation for Cloud (Cisco).

 2012: ASA 1000V (Cisco), vCloud Suite (VMware), Cisco OpenStack Edition (Cisco), and Cisco Open Network Environment (Cisco).


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Nyi Nyi Min
is a Instructor and Course
Developer on CCNA, CCNP, CCIE. He holds multiple
professional certifications from Cisco Juniper,
Microsoft, VMware, etc.. and worked and supported
several enterprise networks. He is Founder of
IP6 Networks (, where he currently teaches
CCNA, CCNP Classes.


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