Virtualizing the Network

You can’t go anywhere these days without overhearing someone saying something about virtualization.

” What is Virtualization “
I am unhappy for this words because I don’t understand much.
(Actually don’t understand what is that mean ? How it’s work ? Why use it ? What is the benefit ? Is it important ? )

One day, I was lucky. I got some explanation and knowledge of virtualization from VMware Courseware. Wow ! It’s pretty good. I thought also the future networking is forwarding Virtualization.

I would like to ping my friends who don’t have knowledge of virtualization about introduction to Virtualization because I want my all friends to know about it. And then It is Important for future. 🙂

CCNA Data Center Sybex Edition is nice explanation of Virtualizing the Network and you will become to believe that it is really important topic. Because Virtualization is continuing grow up. Please check here. If you are new to virtualization, read it for what is vritualized network and how they operate for introduction.

” Virtualization ” has many explanations and definitions. CCNA Data Center Sybex has easy definition to understand for us but this is for their valued product purpose only.

” Virtualization is using something logical like software or a protocol to replace something physical like ports, cabling, or a switch. “

Layer 2 Virtualized
• We used One switch for one broadcast domain and we virtualized one switch for many broadcasts (Virtual LANs).
• We used Two interswitch Links for communicating two same VLANs between two switches (for example) and we virtualized one link for communicating two same VLANs between two switches using trunking.

Layer 3 Virtualized
• We used Two Physical Interfaces in Router for communicating two different VLANs and we virtualized one virtual interface in router and then switch virtual interface (SVI) for swich.
• We used One Routing Table for all VLANs and we virtualized Each Virtual Routing Table for Each VLANs. (Virtual Routing Forwarding)
• We used One Switch for Two VLANs (example) and we want sperate admin control. So we virtualized One switch for one VLAN. (Virtual Device Contexts – VDCs)

Now we can virtualize everything except the ports and physical switch itself. Where do we go from here ?

Interestingly, we virtualize everything now the interface ports and physical switch to virtual switch. All is virtual now and Also switch is virtual itself. So where can run virtual switch ! Virtual Machine supports to run virtual switch. We have to run virtual machine on Physical. Just One physical server may run hundreds virtual machines. Now Virtualizing Everything.

Virtualizing Everything

Virtual machines have become a staple of data center design. Just one physical server may actually run hundreds of virtual machines, each with its own operating system and access to the shared resources of the hosts. But how do these virtual machines communicate with each other? Easily, because each virtual machine has a virtual Ethernet interface connecting to a virtual switch, and yes, the entire switch is virtualized !

virtual world

Nexus 1000 V Switch

The virtualized switch is actually a special type of virtual machine that can perform switching and is the brainchild of Cisco and VMware, which got together and created the Nexus 1000V virtual switch.

nexus 1000 v

The Nexus 1000V is purely a software switch with virtual ports that connect to the virtual interfaces of the virtual machine. But for now, it’s still running NX-OS, and it’s still a real switch moving real data. The virtualization trend will continue to grow and virtual switches will eventually become part of everyone’s network, or virtual network if you will!

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