Is Layer 2 Network important ?

Is Layer 2 Network important ?

If we can’t build the best Layer 2 network,
Our Network is
not scalable
not secure
may be slow bandwidth
difficult management
difficult troubleshooting

If Layer 2 network doesn’t secure, we welcome the attackers and company assets can be lost. Vlan Hopping is one of the attacks.

” Disrupt the Bottom of the Wall, and the Top Is Disrupted, Too “

Everything at Layer 3 and higher is encapsulated into some type of Layer 2 frame. If the
attacker can interrupt, copy, redirect, or confuse the Layer 2 forwarding of data, that
same attacker can also disrupt any type of upper-layer protocols that are being used.

If we can’t monitor Layer 2 network easily, we can lack what happen our networks such as Performance,
Potential Risk etc.

It’ll be sure that building the best Layer 2 Network is the best Networks. 🙂


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