GRE Tunnel with Source Loopback (Dual_Home ISP)

Task 1 > Configure IP setting of all routers.

Task 2 > Edge routers(R1,R3) must have to reach each other source and destination loopbacks for tunnel connection. Don’t use any routing protocol and only should use Static Default Route and Fastethernet Link is preferable than Serial. If Fastethernet link fails, serial connection should be used for further.

Task 3 > Establish tunnel between R1 and R3 routers. Source and destination of tunnel should be used their loopbacks.

 Task 4 > R1 router should get connection R3’s private network and vice visa. In this case, routing protocols is more preferable than static.

Task 5 > For private connection between R1 and R3 routers can use Static Routing instead of Dynamic Routing. Delete the RIP and set up the Static.

You finished your Lab. 

Download Lab Solution
Password: ip6ccnalab

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